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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Dropped Off

I dropped off Glory and her puppies this morning at the shelter. I was doing really well (in the not crying department) until I went into the room where the puppies are currently being quarantined (they don't get their first round of shots until they are four weeks old) to say goodbye to Glory and she tried to follow me out of the room. I then had to hastily leave (and then call the shelter later to tell them the things I had forgotten to tell them in my hasty retreat) and cried in the car for the ten minutes back to Alamosa. I can't wait to go back and pick up Glory... she's going to be so excited! And the shelter worker agreed that it wouldn't be harmful and could even be helpful to her for Reid to go visit her a few times over the next several weeks just to show her that we haven't dropped off the face of the earth (and better him than me or I would be having crying headaches like the one I've had all afternoon all summer long).

All nine of the puppies on Mama's bed just before I packed them off to go this morning (and yes, Tank has his butt in mom's little wet food bowl... luckily Glory does a great job of cleaning it out!). If anyone is reading this blog and wants to adopt one of these adorable little guys/girls, please contact me... I can get you all of their info and many more pictures and put you in contact with the shelter. I would love for at least one of them to go to a home where I could see him/her grow up.

You can not, however, adopt this beautiful Glory-bell... she is all ours! Isn't she pretty? We had a min-photo shoot in the backyard this morning before I took her back. Yeah, I'm positive she thought I was crazy.

Tomorrow I pack. Thursday I drive halfway to Indianapolis and Friday I arrive in Indy. I'll stay there until Wednesday, then drive to a friend's house in Ohio and then drive the rest of the way to my sister and her husband's house on Thursday where I'll finally get to meet Raley, my niece! Hooray!

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Sarah said...

Glory is kind of giving you a look like, "What the heck are you doing, crazy lady?"

And YAY for finally getting out here to meet your niece! And we have lots of projects to do together - I'm putting of the gigantunormous clothes sort until you're here and can get first dibs! Remember, I'm moving to a warm climate so I'll have lots of perfectly good cold winter stuff I just don't need anymore :)