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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Cleaning carpets... and waiting for eyes

Yesterday I ran errands. I was gone for about three hours. At some point during that time Glory decided she had finally had enough of the bathroom and the puppies and she broke free. Yes, the baby gate was lying on the floor in front of the bathroom and the "wrong" beagle greeted me at the door when I came in.

I immediately ran to the bathroom and checked... nine puppies, all still fine (I have no idea how long Tater and the cats had access to the puppies but apparently the cats didn't venture in there and Tater was too afraid of the crashing baby gate to cross its threshold. Unfortunately, Glory went in to the living room and had a great time making a nice big mess on the carpet. Reid and I had been talking about him cleaning the carpets when I was in DC and there were no dogs here, but after yesterday I called Paul, my co-worker who had once before offered the use of his carpet steamer, and Reid picked it up after work last night.

We were just going to do the living room and then spot clean the bedroom... that was until we finished the living room, stepped back and admired it and then looked in on our bedroom carpet... the difference was glaringly obvious. So, Reid is now working on shampooing the bedroom. And once he is done with that, we'll give both of the carpets a rinse... and then work extra hard to keep Glory off of them until she comes back from puppies and we can probably house-train her.

And in puppy news, we are just desperately awaiting the opening of puppy eyes! The vet said anywhere from 10 to 14 days is normal... so it could be any time now (though it might not be until Monday... or if they're slow even later). The puppies are still slowly gaining weight, though some of them will go a day where they don't gain any. I called the vet yesterday to talk about it. They seemed to think it was okay, and that if by the end of the weekend we were not pleased with the weight gain of certain puppies we could supplement. I might do that, just to make sure that everybody is getting as much as they want/need (though they are half beagle so I'm not sure that is actually possible).

And how is your weekend going?


Alice said...

Our weekend is WET! We actually are on the lucky side, we only had two inches. Terre Haute had 8 and the south side of Indy is pretty much a pond!

Jamie said...

Weekend is busy. I think we are putting in an offer on a house tomorrow. Kind of quick I know, but we saw a house today and loved it. No compromises and a great price. We are going to try and set a closing for mid August, this should give us time to get our house sold. We shall see!