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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Cute Puppies

They're mobile! When I woke up this morning to Mohawk out of the box (again!) I decided it was time to line the floors with newspaper, cut away the side of the box and let them free in the bathroom... I'm not sure Glory will ever forgive me! And now... pictures!
"Hello up there" says Two-Spot.

"Hello up there" says Diamond... are you seeing a theme?
This is probably my favorite picture of the day! Look at that face! "Are you looking at me??"

See... they're on the move and already quite adept at playing follow the leader!
This can't possibly be comfortable for Panda... but she loves mommy so much that she'll put up with it (that's Kink in front).

And here is Kink all tuckered out.

When you can't get anyone to play with you, sometimes you have to play with yourself. Mohawk tried to engage two other puppies in play biting and neither would play with him so he laid down and began biting his paw... within seconds he was asleep.

And speaking of biting... we have a man-eater on our hands! And Caboose's suction is incredibly strong! I'm lucky I don't have a hickey on that part of my hand!

"Aren't I adorable?" says Squeaker.

"No, really... I'm adorable!"

Tank couldn't decide if he wanted to be in the box or outside of it... so he fell asleep straddling the cut out.

And finally... isn't she beautiful?? This used to be Twin Girl (though she no longer resembles twin boy at all, who is now Mohawk). We tried out a few other names for her but both agreed... she is Beauty. And a sweeter puppy you will never see, especially when sleeping on top of several brothers and sisters.


Sarah said...

They are all adorable! Cutest puppies in the land!!!

Alice said...

I like Squeak!And Beauty!