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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

On the Road Again...

First off, I guess the realtor talk in the last post was my first mention of my dad's "woes." Long story short, there is a 95% chance he will be laid off on the last day of June (while they are on their cruise, which was paid for back in March!). He is just starting the job hunt and will really start in earnest when he gets back. There is the possibility of finding a job here in Indianapolis, but there is also a very likely possibility that they will have to move... and I'm hoping that if they do have to move that he would find a job in the Colorado/New Mexico area! Everything is still up in the air for them right now... but I'm sure they'll land on their feet. So, I've been trying to help sort things/etc, so that should they need to put their house on the market they'll already be a little (tiny) step forward.

And we leave later this afternoon for Ohio, where we'll spend the night with family friends and then on the rest of the way to DC and my sister's house on Thursday. I think Tater is getting the hang of this nomadic lifestyle... I'm not sure that I am! But it sure is nice to see people.

PS... if my mother-in-law reads this post, I am so sorry I haven't called you/visited you. The time here went by so quickly! I promise to be a better daughter-in-law on my trip back to Colorado at the beginning of August!


Richard Jennings said...

Unemployment stats are depressing but there are still many high paying jobs posted on employment sites i.e.


There still seems to be a strong demand for professional talent.

Merrilee said...

Good luck with your cleaning and continued travels. Everything will work out for the best, I know it.

And why when you mention Tater and nomad in the same sentence, do I suddenly have a mental image of Tater wearing long flowing robes and riding a camel.....

I need a hobby.