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Friday, January 25, 2008

It's Friday!!!

Hooray!!!! This hasn't been the easiest week at Chez Neilsen, and with the car now safely at a new mechanic (who can't look at it until Tuesday but who comes highly recommended, the curse and joy of living in small town America) next week might not be a great one either (if we indeed learn that our car needs to go to car heaven and be replaced).

But we are lucky to be healthy, employed, warm and sheltered... so there won't be too much complaining from here. It just will mean we will have to tighten our financial belt a little bit tighter. Have a great weekend!


Jamie said...

Well, I am glad the car made it to a mechanic that is highly recommended, the best kind. Sometimes it is better in small town, because at least you know who to go to.

I share your overwhelming joy about it being Friday! Stay warm, healthy, employed and sheltered this weekend. It is my goal to do the same!


Alice said...

A good weekend plan if I ever heard one. I think though I have to add going out to get milk to mine!
Love ya,

Sarah said...

I might know of a Mitsubishi Mirage that could be yours if we could get it out there... (provided Mom doesn't call dibs!) It's not too fond of cold weather, either, but it might last a bit longer.
Hopefully yours will be back to normal after a brief and cheap stay at the mechanics, though!

Alaina said...

Enjoy your weekend!! I'm hoping you get good news about your car. We are thinking we are going to have to replace at least one of ours (if not both) in the not too distant future and I'm dreading it!

Jamie said...

We are all waiting in suspense...any news on the car?