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Monday, January 14, 2008

Valentine Goody Swap

I joined a Valentine's Day Goody Swap (just because I like to get mail that isn't bills or credit card offers), and part of the assignment is to fill out the following questionnaire (can you tell I'm a teacher?). So, that's what I'm going to do:

What is your idea of a romantic Valentine’s Day?

An amazing meal prepared for me (with the dishes doing themselves in the kitchen), served in front of a roaring fire with sweet romantic music playing in the background.

In reality, what is your Valentine’s Day really like?

We might watch a romantic comedy and have carry-out from the local Italian place.

If you could have a lifetime supply of your favorite sweet indulgence, what would it be?

My goodness, this is a hard question!! I love peanut butter and chocolate, so it's hard to go wrong with that combination. I also love dark chocolate and almonds... and milk chocolate and cherries... Really, most candy I am not totally opposed to!

Is there any sweet treat you absolutely do not like?

I'm not very fond of Milk Dudds, or other caramels, just because I don't like candies that stick to my teeth. I also don't like anise flavored candies (like black licorice).

If you fell into a pool of chocolate, how would you get out?

As long as it was warm chocolate (and if we're going with the idea that I'm falling into a pool of chocolate, I think I get to decide the temperature), I don't think I'd get out any time soon. I would probably swim to the edge and then tread-chocolate there, enjoying the smell and an occasional taste. Yummy! Either that, or I'd grab the yummy chocolate-covered pretzel ladder and pull myself out that way (though I might nibble the handle in the process!).

PS: I do think this post is particularly funny, following my last post below!


Jamie said...

Yeah, Valentine's day is nice, but a little overrated. I usually get dinner out around the weekend of, but that is about it. Oh, and a single rose waiting for me when I get home.

the long long awaited Christmas pics are up.

Alaina said...

Hey! I have something for you over on my blog! :)

Dad said...

Are you back yet? I bet you had fun in Denver but now it will be hectic to catch back up with the start of a new semester.