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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

"Worst Fears Realized"

The title of this entry is what Reid told me the mechanic told him. The engine is frozen and won't release. The only viable option is to get a new car (we could have the engine replaced... for about what the car is worth). So... Reid and I are going to try and live frugally for the next few months and save up so that we can put down as much as we can on a used car. If we weren't wanting to buy a house at the same time it would actually be kind of fun to buy a new car (first car we would have bought together rather than either given to us (thanks Mom and Dad!) or bought pre-relationship). But now it just seems like one more thing that we'll have to find money for... ahh well... it had to happen someday.

Until we decide what to do with the Saturn we're going to tow it back to our house and just park it outside... Getting rid of it will be like getting rid of a part of Reid and I's courtship. That was the car that he was driving when I met him (I thought he was a boy I would like because he bought a "sensible" sedan!). It was the car that he drove back and forth to visit me in Ohio during our first year together. It was even the car that got decorated at our wedding and that we drove away together in. Yeah, I'll miss that green Saturn.


Awesome Mom said...

I was sad when I had to get rid of my first car too (which was the one that I had when I dated my husband). I hope that you can find a used one that you like.

Alaina said...

I am so sorry! It is sad when a piece of your history is no longer working! Hope you are able to find a great used car for a steal. How is your new semester?

Jamie said...

I am also very sorry. I can not believe the Saturn finally gave up. I remember the Saturn is one of the first things I had in common with Reid, since we both had one. Overall, the whole thing just sucks, that is the best description, so hang in there.

Merrilee said...

Oh no, not the Saturn!!! My favorite memory of that car is being stuffed in it with the two of you on our way to Pennsylvania. Maybe you should have a memorial service for it??

Jenny S. said...

My sweet hubby's first car (which his grandpa loaned him the money to buy, and then grandpa paid himself back), he sold to a co-worker when its health was quickly diminishing (the co-worker knew it but wasn't planning to remain in the US for much longer).
The car was then abandoned on the highway somewhere, the new owner never having bothered to retitle it, so Tim was contacted about it.