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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Another Day, Another Dollar

The conference in Denver was a success for Adams State. We won three of the competitions (two in acting and one in design) which was a big deal for our students (though from what I hear we have won the acting award six out of the last nine years). I met some very nice people and we were able to do some student recruiting, which was great.

Then I came home, had Monday off (which was great... I didn't even go outside of our house all day!) and hit the ground running for class on Tuesday. Unfortunately, my car didn't. It ran from our house to about halfway between our house and work. And then it stalled out while I was driving it. I pulled over, turned it back on, continued driving and it stalled out in front of Safeway... and then it refused to go any further. Apparently, the car does not like Colorado. It was okay with Indiana, loved Virginia... not okay with Colorado. And it has told us in the only way it knows how, by dying. As we speak it is at a mechanic, though Reid has a bad feeling about the place and wants to get a second opinion... so now I wait to hear from him so that I can call tow companies and then spend my morning before I go to work following a truck from one location to the other... exactly what I had in mind for Wednesday. Long story short, Reid and I could be sharing a car for awhile. If we take out a loan to buy a car, it will negatively impact our mortgage approval rate... so, we're hoping that this car can be easily fixed or we'll be sharing a car and scrimping like crazy to try and put as much down on a car as we can. Ahh... the "joys" of being grown-ups.


Alice said...

Yes, the "joys" are many. And not all so joyful!!
Love you

Jamie said...

I am so sorry about the car sweetheart! That completely sucks. I am with you on the "joys" of being a grown-up, but I don't think our parents will take us back (without force). Luckily, you don't live to far from school, unluckily, it is winter. Hang in there!

Merrilee said...

You know, I had that problem with my car. Ok with Indiana, Ohio, Iowa but did not like northern Illinois. Maybe it didn't like being so close to Wisconsin? So car sold and now have happy northern Illinois car.

As for the car/house thing, Matt (my personal banker:))says that if you go to a local bank (not a mortage broker) and tell them what you need: a house and a car, can you afford both and for what price? Even look at in two or three months. You don't have to get a loan right then there but just to see if it is possible.