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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A Quiet Week

Reid returned to work this week. School starts next week. And for once in my life I have not procrastinated to the last minute but am actually at a good place for the Wednesday evening before school starts (it is Wednesday right?? Thank goodness!). I basically have one class left to plan. I have my other classes set up to start (I'm not saying I have every quiz written and every lesson planned, but I have an outline and a syllabus, which is all you need to start).

So, all I have left is my movement for actors class. I'm still throwing around ideas of what I want to teach and am therefore reading four books all at the same time as if they will somehow, miraculously, give me all the info I need to become a mad-skilled movement teacher. Okay, so that's probably not going to happen... but at least this way I'll know more than my students, even if it's just read out of books! :)


Jamie said...

Glad you put the time to good use, I am sure it feels good to be ready to go. Of course you will know more than your students, and even if you don't pretend like you do, just another form of acting!

Rebecca said...

Good job on not procrastinating! I'm SUCH a procrastinator. And I agree with Jaime - the students will {or should} assume you know more than they do so you've got that going for you. ;)