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Thursday, January 3, 2008


It's been awfully quiet on my blog for quite awhile now, hasn't it? I returned to Alamosa on January 1 and have been trying to organize our lives since then (not with too much success I might add... it looks a little like a bomb of Christmas presents and laundry exploded in our living room/dining room... needless to say I was a little sheepish at 9:00 this morning when our landlord knocked on our door!).

Reid came back early and he has had the horrible cold that I had on our travels to Indy. I am almost over it though I still don't feel one hundred percent myself (though I'm blaming part of that on the altitude as well). I need to finish organize around here, get Christmas taken down and grocery shopping done because tomorrow I am going to start school work in earnest... if you ever had any doubt as to whether your teachers were sad to see breaks end, doubt no longer! Going back to school is going to be tough, but it will be better if I get all of my prep work done next week!

And with that I'm off to clean (you didn't really miss these boring posts much did you?).


Alice said...

Clean Smeean!
Take the time to get 100%. I'm sure you can since you left most of the cold here with me!!!
Love you

Dad said...

It was better to have you where I could get a hug from time to time but posts will have to do for now.

Jamie said...

Posts are good, even I did one today! Check back soon for Christmas pictures. Oh, and have fun prepping for school.