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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

2 Months

" Hello world!!"
Wesley is two months old today. Amazing... in many ways I feel like I have known him for infinitely longer than two months (that is what happens when you spend almost every waking moment staring at someone!). And in other ways I can't believe how the time is flying.

"Why would you want to read your book when you could look at me?"

So, what is Wesley like at two months? He is smiling up a storm these days. He often smiles while nursing when he looks up and locks eyes with me. It is incredibly endearing, if not a little messy because what was in his mouth dribbles out. He can recognize Reid and I and frequently graces us with his happy face.

How could I not love that face staring up at me??

But he also has his fair share of crying. In the last few weeks he has started to fight sleep. I know he is sleepy, his eyes are drooping and yet he cries to stay awake. There have been a few times when it seems to go on for a long stretch but we can usually talk him out of it (either by waking up or falling to sleep) if we just keep changing positions and locations (don't like the chair? How about the glider? The bed? Standing up and bouncing?). Other times he drifts off to sleep peacefully with no fuss at all.

With daddy...

Mommy and her little man

He is doing great with night sleeping and eating. He is pretty consistent with times. Depending on whether we go to bed at 10 or 11, we wake and nurse somewhere between 2 and 3 and again between 5 and 6. Then he is usually awake and happy by 7. Most of our night feedings last about 10 minutes and we are usually back asleep with him swaddled within 25. All in all, not bad... don't get me wrong. I look forward to a 5 or 6 hour stretch. But the fact that he is consistent and obviously really eating at those times means to me that he still needs to eat. Eventually those times will stretch and until then I am enjoying our late night cuddles by the light of the closet.

One of the few times he has fallen asleep and stayed asleep in his co-sleeper...

Because laying on people is so much more cozy!

He is, overall, a very happy and joyful little boy. He is cooing and churtling at us, especially on his changing table. He loves to lay in is bassinet and bat at his mobile. He likes to stare at the fish I attached to his travel swing that is on the dining room table. And just this week he has figured out that he can make the animals above his bouncy seat move if he kicks his legs! So, each morning he enjoys some time studying those animals!

Here we are in our bouncy seat with our animals... and a very cute onesie...

In his swing... "That fishy is looking at me!"

Have I mentioned that I am completely and totally infatuated with my son? Because I am...


JayD said...

Big smiles here too!!

Like that last picture!

Alice said...

Isn't it amazing what that little face can do?

Alaina said...

He is just SO cute! Sounds like things are going well overall! Can't believe he is already 2 months! Motherhood is such a wonderfully awesome thing.