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Friday, March 19, 2010

Pics for the Family

I wish I had a witty way to tie these pictures together in a post that entertains and enlightens. But I don't... so you'll have to make due with cute pictures of my baby! We have been having fun hanging out with my in-laws and they have been soaking up baby time (and Chris is luckily recovered from a 24 hour flu bug).

Grandma Annie with 2 of her "grandbabies"... Winston is eating up this attention.

We get this face sometimes... look at the milk hanging out of the corner of his mouth! We luckily have a really sweet baby and therefore don't see this face too often.

We see this face more often... a sweet open eyed expression just examining the world.

This evening we were changing his clothes and putting on a onesie... I just barely got it on his head and saw this picture. He was so happy to wear it on his head! I see many funny hats in this baby's future!

And finally... a full mouth smile caught on camera! He was giving Grandma several of these today! What a cutie...

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JayD said...

I want to see more funny hats!!