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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Our "Big" Boy

He is so cool... :)

At first he appears angelic... then you notice he's sticking his tongue out at you!

I can't believe it has taken me almost a week to write this... Wes had his two month appointment last Thursday. He is doing really well in all regards! His hematoma is slowly going down and the pediatrician said she has been told it can take 12 to 16 weeks. At this point, because it is going down and it is obvious that it is not affecting him cognitively, I am really not worried about it. It is cosmetic and it will go down eventually.

But the good news is that he is really growing! He is now 10lbs 6oz, meaning he gained 2 lbs 4 oz in one month! He also grew almost 2 inches in length, and is now 23 1/4inches long. With these two numbers his weight is firmly in the 25th percentile and his length puts him in the 50th. Both of those are up from his one month check up. In other words, "Milk... it's what the body needs."

He also received his first round of shots. He slept peacefully all Thursday evening and I thought "Ha! Our baby is so superior that the shots didn't affect him at all!" But alas, we woke up to a very fitful baby at around three am. He had a temperature and was just not very happy but eventually settled down if he was laying in just his diaper, under a blanket on top of either Reid or I. And of course, his silly mommy didn't even think of the baby Tylenol until around 9am, about the time his fever broke.

Laying with Daddy Friday morning... aren't they adorable???

He and I are going to be busy over the next few days working to get the costumes for Our Town done.
We're also exploring day care options for the fall, something I am not enjoying but don't really have a choice (we've crunched the numbers and both Reid and I have to keep working...). Our first choice daycare says they won't know if there are any spots available until June. So, I guess for now it is a wait and see. I have a call in to one other daycare but I'm not sure what age they start (I do personally know the director and quite like her) and have a few personal providers to follow up with if neither of the daycares pan out. The truth is I don't want anyone but Reid or I to care for him so looking is hard... but we'll find something that works I'm sure.

This is the best of our Easter photo shoot... it was too cold to go outside and apparently things to the left and the right of him were WAY more interesting than mommy (as he is looking to one side or the other in every other picture).

And finally... this is why tummy time isn't always productive time around our house. If the point is to lift your head up and look around, you usually do have to be awake :)


Alice said...

Ah but he looks SSOOOO comfy in that last picture. He wants so sleep on his tummy! LOL

Ann said...

I'm afraid I'm with your Mom...he does seem to want to be a tummy sleeper LOL. I love the pic of him with Reid. Daddy does like to sleep!