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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Our Last Two Days

Yesterday was a big day of errands for us! We had Wesley's one month appointment. He has gained in every area! His hematoma is going down which is also great. Apparently when he was born he was around the 10th percentile for height, weight and head circumference... he is now close to the 25th percentile for all three! So the stats now are:
Height: 21.5 inches
Weight: 8lbs 4oz (a gain of a pound since his last appointment two weeks ago!)
Head: 36centimeters (don't ask me why length is in inches and head is in cm... it just is!)

We also stopped at Walmart and got his one month picture taken at the studio. My mother had professional pictures of both my sister and I taken each of our first twelve months. They are so cool to go back and look at how we grew. So, I want to do the same for Wesley. I learned a few things at the studio for future months... Valley residents beware! If you don't want to take 3 hours (yes, I said 3 HOURS) to get your pictures done at the only portrait studio in the Valley, I would suggest the following:
1. Make an appointment (I thought I'd just walk in... how busy can it be? It's a portrait studio in Walmart!... and yes there was only one appointment ahead of us. But they took an hour and a half!)
2. Go in the morning (there were so many people stopping to pick up their pictures in the afternoon)
3. Go, if possible, when there are two people working.

But, hopefully the pictures will be worth the annoyance and luckily it was this month when besides having to nurse him twice during that time he slept contentedly in my arms the whole time (though boy are my arms tired today!).

In total we were out eight hours yesterday! Though that used to be just a regular work day, with Wesley it felt like a marathon. So, today we stayed home and took it easy... we spent some time listening to lullabies while napping in our swing, doing tummy time and floor time, napping with mommy and he even let me make dinner for his daddy! So... here are some of the highlights of our day in photos!

Swinging sleepy time... he is giving me anywhere from ten minutes to thirty in his swings at a time which is a huge relief for my arms!

Floor Time... isn't Wesley lucky to have 2 supervisors?! The dogs really are being fabulous with him.

"Aren't I cute?" This is a 0-3 month outfit, not a newborn and it fits him well... in fact he is almost out of all of his newborn clothes! Our little boy is growing!

"Who is that handsome baby in the mirror up there?"

"Mom! I'm stuck on my tummy here!"

Seriously, tummy time is a lot of work!

Good thing he has a buddy to do it with... thanks Tater!

After a hard few minutes work, a thumb can really relax you! (I had picked him up, looked away from him as I put away the mats and when I looked back this is what he was doing!)


Alice said...

told you that thumb was going to make using his hands happen faster!

Alice said...

um, I need pictures.