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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

And the Up Side

So... after that downer of a last post, here are some pictures from our weekend/the last few days.
Good grandparents... they love on all of the "grandbabies"... even the four legged ones! Have I mentioned Winston loves laps??

Mt. Blanca on Saturday... don't we live in one of the most beautiful places?

Smiling in his car seat on our long day out Saturday where we went to Milagros, the Sand Dunes and the Bistro Rialto!

"You don't say?!" Isn't it amazing how a hat changes his whole look?

"It's so hard to have so many fans!" Wes is adored by all... saying bye to his grandparents has been hard all around!


JayD said...

I love the "You don't say" picture.

More hats I say!!

Alice said...

I agree. Time for more hat pictures!