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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Neilsen Men

Yesterday was Reid's 31st birthday and so we celebrated. We went to lunch at the SLV Brew Pub and then visited a few stores downtown and stopped by the theatre on campus to show it to my in-laws. We finished the day off with cake and a war movie! I think overall it was a good birthday for the first time daddy.

And now... some pictures of the Neilsen men.

"Hey! There is a grandpa up there!"
"What did you say?" This picture just makes me laugh! :)

Chillin' with Daddy in the rocker.

Three generations of Neilsen men! The older two seem to be enjoying themselves a lot more than the youngest... probably because someone told Wesley that he doesn't get a slice of birthday cake!


JayD said...

Did someone say it was "Dress-a-like" day? Maybe that is why Wesley was so stressed? He didn't have the henley and jeans uniform.

Alice said...

Oh he gets a slice of cake. It will just taste like milk!