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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Leave it to my mom...

To point out that it was actually a month, a week and a few days between stomach bugs. I still think that's a little close together for me. At first I also thought that it was something I ate... but then I took my temperature and it was over 100... to me that says virus. But besides a residual headache I'm doing much better today. My husband has been great this weekend... he drove to the store and bought me Pedialite (which I love when I'm sick and which he openly says is disgusting... but he bought it anyway), he's fed me whatever little thing I think sounds good and he even slept on the sofa last night so that I could have the whole bed to myself (though I think that was as much to keep him from getting sick as it was for my benefit...).

In other news Winston got into something last night while we were out at the student one-acts (yes, I felt like crap and still went to the one acts because it was the last night, I had not seen them, and I'm just that committed of a teacher). He has a really swollen belly today and has been drinking water like crazy (actually he was drinking it all night last night too... hence the "aloneness" of the bed was just an illusion as the two dogs conspired to get me up at least four times). We're hoping that it is just indigestion (we found a bag of dog food that he had ripped into the corner of underneath the baby gate) and that it goes away quickly... I feel so sorry for him!


JayD said...

Yeah, Jenna feels "better". Boo, Winston feels worse (though his might be self inflicted it seems that they never learn).

And, Yeah, for dedicated teachers!!

Alice said...

Glad you are better.
Now keep an eye on Winston to be sure he "keeps things moving"!
Love you