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Monday, April 6, 2009

Is education really not important?

Here's what I'm worried about today... If you live in Colorado, please call your representative, senator and the governor's office and tell them what a horrible mistake it would be to cut $300 million from higher education (or the equivalence of 60% of Adams funding)... if you don't live in Colorado, please pray for those of us who do!

The idea that the state legislature is playing chicken with Pinnacol Assurance for the funding of the institutions that I and all of the other higher education employees in the state of Colorado work for is beyond frightening. And to know that I live in a state that cares so little for higher education that its government would even think of cutting our funding this drastically saddens me greatly. The truth is even if they get the money from Pinnacol, the cut will be permanent and the money from Pinnacol will not be, which means that in another year or two years or three years we'll be facing the same cut. Let's hope someone in Denver (or a whole bunch of someones) wises up.

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JayD said...

Welcome to being an adult :-)
Education IS important but funding has ALWAYS been problematic. Unfortunately, funding for colleges has always been an easy target.