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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Seedlings! And boy does time fly...

I couldn't believe it but yesterday morning I went upstairs to the room where we have sequestered the seedlings, so that they aren't molested by our pets, and found that some of them had already started sprouting!! Only four days from the time they were planted, the marigolds, basil, chives and onions are already peaking out from the soil (sorry, no pictures yet). Some of the others (namely the pumpkins, the peppers and the other herbs) aren't there yet... but that's okay because the packets all said that we would see the beginnings of plants in 7-10 days... which means that we are raising some precocious seeds!

In other news, days are speeding past like bullets! My days are not usually as structured (or long) as they have been the last two weeks, which means that before I know it, it will be the weekend (and we'll be one week closer to opening). Anyone who is in the Alamosa area (Lucy, that may just be you) and who isn't offended by a little bit of adult language, please come to Bright Ideas! We are having a great time rehearsing and I have no doubt that the audience is going to enjoy our hard work!


Jamie said...

Yeah seedlings! Glad to know rehearsals are going well, have fun!

Alice said...

precocious seeds! HUH??

Well, I'm glad you have them!!

Stephanie said...

ARe you using that indoor garden thing with the lights? My grandparents have one of those (since they can't have a garden outside) and they LOVE it!