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Sunday, May 2, 2010

3 Months!

Wes is three months old! He was 12 weeks last Saturday but three months by the calendar yesterday... either way, where has the time gone? I can't believe he is already a quarter of a year old. What a big guy!

How quickly this became this...
That daddy is so interesting now!

Look! Mommy does exist on camera too! We like one another, can you tell?

In terms of milestones, Wes is smiling up a storm. He cand definitely pick out Reid and I from a crowd and rewards us with extra special smiles. He is also talking up a storm to anyone (or thing) that will listen. Some of his favorites (besides mommy and daddy of course) are the light fixtures in the bedroom and living room and his Mr. Monkey toy that Grandma Annie gave him.

He loves chewing on his fingers, though sometimes he accidently gags himself with them. His attention span is incredible, I think, for one so little. He'll study his rattle for minutes on end and will usually pay attention through two full board books.
His head control is getting better every day. He can now pre-sit and likes to do so several times a day. He also likes to be carried around sitting up so that he can see the world.

His hands are attacking him when he sleeps less and less and I think we're nearing the time when he won't need to be swaddled at night anymore. His favorite spot to nap is still mommy's lap but he will lay down and nap on the bed with her too (always on his side facing me)! And, knock on wood, the last several days he has been falling asleep with considerably less fuss than before, usually only a minute or two of crying or not even that. He just tucks his face into my elbow and falls asleep.

Wes at one day old...

And earlier today! I can't wait to see what the next month brings!


JayD said...

What a guy!

Keep those pictures coming!!

Alice said...

And does he look like Daddy in that last picture.

Ann said...

I still say he is quite the "combo" baby. Sometimes Jenna, sometimes Reid. I am thrilled that he likes Mr. Monkey!