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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Our weekend

Since I'm typing one handed I'll limit my comments to a few. We got to Denver Friday evening and loved our hotel room! Spent the first part of Saturday on the Metro State College campus and the afternoon on the 16th Street Mall where we had a delicious dinner (and from where we took cheesecake back to our room! yummy!). And Sunday we spent almost six hours at the Denver Zoo which was crowded but still a lot of fun. I can't wait to find out which of the animals are Wesley's favorites!

Wesley enjoying the huge king size bed! Wow is there a lot of room in one of these!

Mommy had to join in the fun!

The only picture we took on Saturday... Wes enjoying the warm afternoon with a nap in his stroller.

Someone is very excited to head into the zoo!

Mommy and Wesley at the entrance to the zoo
Daddy and Wes enjoying the elephants

This is how Wes experienced a good portion of the zoo... but mommy and daddy had fun and he got some good napping in!

Mommy, Wes and a few zebra

Up close and personal with a crane... he kept pecking the glass which really kept Wes' attention!

The whole family with the giant gorilla statue! What a fun day!


Tater Mama said...

Okay. It's been way too long since I've visited and left a comment, so here goes.

Wesley is ADORABLE! I love his name, as my husband and our older son share Wesley as their middle names.

Anyhoo, it looks like you're adjusting well to mommyhood, and it just gets better every day. Wait 'til he hits about 4 months...it's the absolute best!

Great to see how well you're doing!

Alice said...

About that excited to go to the zoo.
Are you sure he wasn't just filling his pants?? LOL