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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

"Did you know it is Mother's Day?? Amazing!!"

Today was my first Mother's Day as a mommy. It was fabulous.

We love one another more than a little bit...

We started the day by Wes not waking until 7am (good job Wes!). Reid took him to the living room where they played and let me sleep until 8:15! Then Wes and I laid in bed and chatted while Reid made us french toast which he served to me as breakfast in bed. Yummy!

We hung out at home for a little while then headed to Great Sand Dunes National Park where we ate a picnic lunch and enjoyed a little bit of sun and sand. Unfourtunately the wind picked up and after about an hour we decided Wes didn't need to be sandblasted any longer so we headed back home.

Eating lunch

My other baby boys at the Dunes (the kitties stayed home!)

One happy family!
We stopped at Sonic for some yummy ice cream treats on the way home... then Wes and I took a nap while Reid worked in his shop for a little while.

Napping together!

When I woke up Reid came in and made dinner (pork chops, glazed carrots and mashed potatoes and gravy... yummy again!). We talked on the phone with most of the important mommies in our lives today, many of them after dinner. All in all, a great day... but of course being Wesley's mom is the greatest part of the day, just as it will be one of the greatest part of tomorrow and every day from now on!

On Thursday of this past week in his first ever venture facing forward in his carrier... he LOVES it! So much to see.


Alice said...

Great pictures. You look happy to be a mommy.

Jamie said...

Love the pictures,s looks like a perfect day.