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Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Few Images From Last Week and This Week

In our sun hat before our walk yesterday morning

What is this??? He is officially turtling. This was the highest he had ever lifted his head, taken this past Monday.

And by today? He's a pro, don't you think?

Not to be out done Winston wanted everyone to see that he is an expert at tummy time too!

In the car... isn't he adorable?

Look! He's pre-sitting! Doesn't he look so grown-up?

"Mom?! There are bugs attacking my ankles!"

In his adorable polo from Auntie Sarah


He likes watching himself on the Flip... a lot. We may have a future actor on our hands after all!


JayD said...

Tummy time is STILL horrible and yucky though I bet!

Alice said...

Winston just is NOT going to be left out is he??
lots of cute pics of the cute kid.

Ann said...

Is your Dad right or has he found a little reward for the torture of it, being able to look around? The look on his face in the car...melts my heart.