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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Whole Week!

So a whole week has gone by with no blog update. Sorry about that...

Not too much has happened this week. Reid is working on his business. I'm working on finishing up Our Town. Wesley is working on being the world's loudest and highest pitched screacher. He is also working on holding his head up which is getting better every day.

This week Wes had decided that the ideal wake-up time is between 5 and 6 am. He is usually awake, happy and kicking for about an hour and a half (just long enough to get mommy and daddy really awake) and then he's ready to go back to bed until between 9 and 10! Yep, already training mommy and daddy well!

They burned our drainage ditch this weekend... honeslty not sure who "they" are. Luckily it all burned quickly and went out near our house without trouble. Down the road and around the corner wasn't so lucky where it jumped the ditch and burned part of a field. It also jumped the railroad tracks but luckily didn't get across the highway! When Reid came home there were a whole bunch of fire trucks putting it out. I understand the need to keep down weeds in this part of the country but there has to be a less risky way to do it, I would think.

Our ditch burning... they only did the roadside so I'm thinking it's the county.

And now... lots of pics from the week!

Wes found the monkeys above his crib!

He loves chewing his fists!

Watching movies with mommy and daddy = exhausting!

"What is that down there?"

"Oh! It's Winston!"

He's so cool!

"I'm over here!"

"Now I'm over here!"

"You found me!"

Some of the cutest baby socks ever!

Don't look now, but there are feet at the end of these legs!

Look Auntie Sarah! The monster onesies you brought him fit now!

This was one of Raley's onesies that was one of my favorites... It's too little for Wes already!

Looking cute in one of his adorable outfits sent to him by family

"Wake up Daddy! I want to play!"

Mission Accomplished!


JayD said...

Fun pictures!! It really is fun to see them.

Alice said...

In the "What's that down there" he looks like his Grandma Annie!
And yes, training parents is SUCH fun! LOL

Anonymous said...

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Ann said...

Ha, Alice. I'm glad you see something of me in him but he is MUCH cuter then I ever was! I love the pics in the swing. What a smile!!!