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Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Few Things to remember

I find myself several times a day thinking "I should write that down. I'll never remember it." But alas I rarely do just because of lack of time/energy or because I've already forgotten it by the time I sit down!

But a few things about Wes right now I really want to remember...

First, he is incredibly talkative right now. If I make eye contact with him he almost always smiles but more often than not will also let out a baby noise or two. And sometimes he will get on a roll and talk and talk. He is really enjoying exploring vowels right now. He has gotten quite good at "Ah", "Oh" and "Ie." And of course there is lots of random cooing and some really high pitched squealing which I love!

Second, this week we have turned a corner (hopefully for good) in night time sleeping. He has slept at least one four hour stretch each night this week. Two nights ago it was a 5 and a half hour stretch but last night we were back to almost exactly four hours. Still, I'll take those over the 2-3 hour stretches we were going before.

Sleeping on daddy last night

You're blowing lots of bubbles with your mouth. You've regularly found your fists to chew on. And you've found the mirror and animals above your swing which get regular studying.

Studying those moving things above you!

We have started doing cloth diapers here at home to cut down on waste and disposable diaper expense. Of course you can soak a cloth diaper completely through in less than an hour. So we're spending a lot of time at the changing table!

Long skinny baby in a cloth diaper!

Mommy being silly with you on e changing table... doesn't his jacket look like big wing ears?

And finally, he is growing so quickly! He is now wearing almost exclusively 3-6 month sleepers (despite only being 10 and a half weeks old) because all of his 0-3 month ones are too short in the leg. And most of the sleepers we have in 3-6 month fit him perfectly in length now... which means by the time we get to month 3, 4, and 5 I have no doubt he'll be in the next size up! He is long and lean. I really look forward to his 4 month check up just to see how much longer and heavier he is!
Wes still opens his eyes very wde sometimes!


JayD said...

These are SUCH fun!!

I like the bat wings and that last one.

Alice said...

the things a mother can do to a child. Bat wings, HUMP!

Ann said...

It is amazing how you can entertain yourself with a baby! All so cute but the last one is a laugh out loud!