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Monday, April 19, 2010


I turned 31 on Saturday... I'm not sure how that happened as the last time I remember I was 26. But I certainly don't mind. I told Reid that I am quite certain 31 is going to be one of our best years yet. We have a baby. We're working well on a budget. Reid's business is going to take off. Yep, a good year indeed.

For my birthday, Reid, Wesley and I went to Johny B. Good's, a 1950s inspired diner in Monte Vista that we had never been to (mainly because they are only open for breakfast and lunch). They have great hand-dipped milkshakes and yummy sandwiches. Then all of us and the dogs took a walk through downtown Monte (which doesn't take long)! Reid then brought Wes home and I went shopping at one of the thrift stores in town for new (to me) tops because so many of my shirts still don't fit (a perk of breastfeeding, I guess?). When I got home my present was on the table. Reid bought me a necklace and matching earrings from the Firedworks Gallery, an art/jewelry gallery in Alamosa. Then it was time to go off to the 3rd Annual Chili Cook-Off where Reid's chili took a close second place! We visited with colleagues and I talked babies with a few of the mommies there.

All in all, a very nice and low-key birthday... as I look at my little man swinging in his swing across the room (who is amazed by the mirror and twirling butterflies above him), I know for a fact that this year my best possible present I get to enjoy every day... and he is perfect for me! I am going to love my first full year as a mommy. Hooray for 31!


JayD said...

Just go ahead and rub it in you youngster you!!

Alice said...

You are NOT 31 because I am NOT OLD enough for MY baby to be that age!