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Friday, February 27, 2009

A Contest

I don't usually post about contests... but I entered this one a couple of days ago and it is just too tempting to get another entry! So... if you'd like to win baby stuff for yourself or someone you know, check it out at His Boys Can Swim! And while you're there, you might want to read some of their entries. It is a husband and wife who were not planning on getting pregnant... but they did and they're now chronicling their pregnancy (and unfortunately the difficulties of having a baby while not having insurance as they are self-employed and would have had to buy maternity insurance prior to getting pregnant... which doesn't work if you weren't planning on getting pregnant). Just today, there is an entry called "35 Shocking Facts 18 weeks of pregnany have taught this pregnant girl"... not going to lie, number 18 and 19 made me laugh out loud!


Merrilee said...

Hmmm..... news?? Do you have something in common with this blog?????????

Jenna said...

No Merrilee. No buns in the oven... Not yet at least... come on, give us time. We've only been married for six and a half years! ;)