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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I have a cast!

And I'm not talking about the broken arm kind... After auditions on Sunday, and call backs last night I have cast Bright Ideas with a cast of ten fine student actors... I now have three weeks (two weeks of classes and a week of spring break) to get the rest of my life and classes in order so that I can start rehearsals March 23!

Speaking of those other classes... off to read about acting Shakespeare!


Stephanie said...

Yay, Jenna! having a strong cast sort of makes everything feel a little better, doesn't it? Good luck. Let me know if I can offer any more help/advise!

Alice said...

If you must have a cast this is the best kind to have.
Love ya

Merrilee said...

Congratulations!!!!!!!!! Way to cast!!!?! (I'm not certain of the correct theater lingo to use here, but hopefully you get the gist.)