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Monday, February 2, 2009

And I'm Off...

Well, actually I don't leave until tomorrow. But this evening will be filled with packing and spending a little bit of time with my boys (all three of them now) and my girls (just two of those... the genders are now in balance in our home, for the first time since we've been married).

I'm headed to the Rocky Mountain Theatre Festival in Durango, CO tomorrow and will be there until Sunday. It is a festival of colleges in the Rocky Mountain region, which includes Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Utah and Wyoming. Many of our students are competing in acting competitions, auditioning/interviewing for summer work and we are producing Rabbit Hole while there. It should be a good time (I went last year when it was hosted in Denver and thoroughly enjoyed myself). And this year I have a laptop which means I can keep up with e-mail, other people's blogs... oh yeah, and school work as well!

In a completely unrelated post... we think we might have misnamed the newest member of our family. He might better be named Harry... as in Harry Houdini, since on Friday Reid came home to not one but two beagle faces greeting him at the door. This was despite our sequestering Winston into the guest bathroom with not one but two baby gates stacked on top of one another. The baby gates were still in place. He had gone up and over both of them. So... today he is out in the house with Tater. After debating it for a very brief amount of time ("Do you think we should?" "Yeah, I do."), we decided it was better to come home to a potential mess than a dog with a broken leg 'cause he got it caught in the baby gate! Otherwise he is settling in really well. The last two nights we have had two adults and two beagles in one queen size bed... I'm really thinking that a king size bed is moving up on our birthday list!


JayD said...

Have fun!

Merrilee said...

Have a blast while you are there!!
I bet your bed is crowded!!! Ours gets crowded enough with two adults and two cats! Can you get a king-size bed gift-wrapped???