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Monday, February 9, 2009

And I'm back...

And tired... Tuesday through Sunday with 30 theatre students... from 8am to 10pm... makes for a teacher who is worn out! I did meet some interesting people, some perspective students and we saw some great theatre and attended some great workshops. But saying that I'm glad to be home is an understatement!

Winston went to the vet today to get neutered and his eye worked on. He apparently came out of surgery very well but they keep all surgery candidates in over-night just to make sure that he is fully recovered. He is really going to hate mommy, as I was away for a week and came home yesterday only to drop him off at the vet today! But then again I'll be the one who picks him up tomorrow so hopefully he'll forgive me because I'm coming to rescue him!

Tater was glued to my side all last night, happy to have his mommy back. Our girls (the cats) didn't seem to care one way or another. That's cats for you! Oh... and I think Reid was happy to see me too!


Merrilee said...

Tater was probably happy that you didn't take him to the vet too!!
That's the beauty of dogs: they're always happy to see you. Cats, not so much. Unless a food/water bowl is empty/low.

Oh, and I'll give Daniel a cousin when you give Raley one!!!

JayD said...

Give it to her Merilee!!! But, that also means that we are going to hold Merilee to that statement!!

Alice said...

OH I love one upmanship!! LOL

Stephanie said...

Those conferences sure to wear (or is it ware?) you out!!!