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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Good with the Bad...

This morning everything was going quite nicely. I took a nice slow shower, prepped the house for the dogs being left alone and was feeling pretty nice about how I looked.

I climbed in my car, headed to work... and apparently rolled a stop sign on my way (though in my defense I was clearly NOT going to cause an accident... but I digress).

Unluckily for me there was a state trooper nearby just waiting for me or some other person who was also running a little late and thereby doing something wrong... so I got pulled over.

Luckily for me he just gave me a warning about the stop sign.

Unluckily for me, I seem to have not put my most recent insurance card in the glove box where it belongs. So... I now get to appear in court to prove that I am not a degenerate on the ninth day of April.

Luckily for me if I bring the proof that I have insurance coverage (which is in my house somewhere but obviously not in my car) I can get the whole thing dismissed. What a big pain!

On a side note, as he went back to his car to write up the citation I (of course) frantically tore my car apart hoping to find the stupid card shoved under a seat where it had fallen out of the glove box or some other place. He finally walked back to give it to me (and by the way the amount of paperwork they must have to fill out is incredible... that or they are also banking on the public humiliation you feel having to sit by the side of the road as helping to deter future negative acts and hence take a LONG time to bring you back your stuff). I noticed that his partner got out and walked up to the other side of my car. In that moment I realized that they had to have thought that I was possibly rummaging through my car to find a gun or something else to inflict trouble on the officer... and that, my friends, is why I would never want to be a cop.

The good news... when I got to school there was a letter from the president's office waiting for me... I've been retained for another year! Hooray!


Debbie Cavitt said...

You can probably go to your insurance web site and they can email you a duplicate card or letter that you have insurance.

Congrats on the Pres. letter. You deserve it!!!!!


Alice said...

Dear, that is why you get TWO cards. One for your wallet and one for the car. and since you have the same insurance as I, of this I do know!!!
You can also just go into your agents office and get a letter of coverage.

JayD said...

You nefarious law-breaker you!!

Stephanie said...

Yay - good work, Jenna! I haven't gotten my official contract for next year, but I got my Dean's recommendation for reappointment for next year. So, it should be set. Feels good, doesn't it! Cheers!

JayD said...

I guess that I didn't comment on the President's letter because I KNEW that you would be. They would have to be daft to not retain the most special professor that they have???? Would they not :-)

Merrilee said...

First, congratulations on your retainment. AND congratulations on being a seemingly uninsured rebel!!!

Alaina said...

Congrats on your retention- always great news!

I have something for you on my blog!