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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Off to Maine!

In ten and a half hours I will be on my way to Portland, Maine where I will be spending the next week studying with internationally renowned improv teacher Keith Johnstone (I know that his name doesn't mean a lot to most of you but I promise it's a big deal for me!). I can't wait to learn and be inspired and meet other artists from all over the nation who are also eager to study with this man. Just to put it into perspective, I read a lot of books in graduate school. Of all of the books I read, Keith Johnstone's Impro stood out to me as the most pivotal in the way I think about acting and teaching.

Tomorrow will be a long day of travel. I leave Alamosa at 6:15am and get into Portland at 5pm. Then I'll spend the night in a hotel and then the next afternoon be picked up by a bus that will take me to the theatre. I'll be there until next Sunday and will be home around 9:30pm Sunday night (if all of my connections make it).

I may be able to check my e-mail and blogs but I may not be able to. I hope that you have a happy, healthy and productive week!


JayD said...

Travel safe and have fun!

Dennis said...

Jenna, that's awesome. I still use his status exercises for teaching acting and writing. Love that book. Have fun!

Merrilee said...

Have a great trip and conference!!!

Jamie said...

I hope you got there ok! Have fun.