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Friday, August 15, 2008


Hello everyone! I'm Sweets!
Sweets came to stay with Reid a couple of weeks ago. We are cat-sitting him for the lady who acutally used to own this house. We're not sure how long we'll have him, but he has certainly added a fun kitten air to the house!

As you can see, Sweets has some scar tissue. As a kitten he was accidentally burned over the majority of his body when they were burning the irrigation ditches around here. All of the hair on his scar tissue has grown in white. There are also a few places where the hair never grew back, like on the end of his nose and where his whiskers should be. Without whiskers, I think he has a bit of a human look to him. His paws were the worst burned and he had to have several toes on his front feet amputated. Besides a slight strangeness in his gait, though, it certainly doesn't seem to slow him down any. He is all kitten, attacking your feet one minute and then loving on you the next!

What are you looking at?? Come on over and give me scritches!


JayD said...

Not sure how long huh? Like maybe forever??

Jamie said...

Sweets is very sweet!
The no whiskers definitely gives him something of a human look to him, he is definitely one lucky kitty though.