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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Random Bits of Goodness

Hello! After a four day weekend (hooray for teaching) I am feeling rested, relaxed and ready to tackle a few more weeks until spring break!

As if in response to my post on free trade, I received in the mail on Friday a box full of goodies from Hotel Chocolat which I had won in a bloggy giveaway (I've been entering them as I find them for months now and they are finally paying off!). It really is true what they say about "good chocolate." Once you have eaten it, you don't want to go back to the so-so stuff... and this place has some amazingly good chocolate! They may have just created a customer for life!

In other news, the little house that we live in may be under contract to be sold... which is a good thing because it means we will no longer have those calls saying "can we show your house in an hour?" which result in me running around like a crazy trying to clean up as best as I can. We should have it in our contract that we can be in this lease until the end of June if we need to be but that we can "break" the lease at any time, as long as we give them one month's notice.

And in other house news, we're going to visit a few more houses on Thursday... who knows? We may be making an offer on a house as soon as next week! There is one that we've had our eye on for awhile and we have been talking more and more about it... so we want to go see it again and make sure that we aren't remembering things falsely. But I think it's a good sign when you're still thinking about the same house two months after you've visited it.

And finally... a gratuitous adorable Tater picture!


Jamie said...

Yeah for free chocolate!
Yeah for house hunting! (Is it the house we talked about over New Years (land, insulated garage, converted farm house?)
Yeah for adroable Tater!
Very cute!

Alice said...

Gratuitus pictures are always good.