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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Under Contract!

We have come to an agreement with the seller on price and we are now under contract! Tomorrow we call and set up the inspection and move forward on our loan application. We even talked with our realtor about moving up the closing date and he said it was feasible.

The need to move up our closing date presented itself when our landlord told us Wednesday morning (after we signed our first offer Tuesday evening) that the house we are living in is selling (with a closing date of 3/15) and that the new owner is planning on living in the house we are currently in... so we technically had 30 days from Tuesday to find a new place to live! Crazy how it all works out, hunh? So, the next two weeks will hopefully be a blur for Reid and I (if the inspection goes well) and we'll be in a new house before you know it, and the new owner of this home will give us the time we need to get out. It's really just a matter of the stars aligning and dates coming together. Fingers crossed!


Dad said...

Get them stars aligning!!!

Alice said...

Ok, your father and I have lived together far far too long!!!!

Merrilee said...

My fingers are crossed!!!!!!!
It's really strange sometimes how things just seem to work out for the best.

Sarah said...


Jamie said...

Your mom told me last night before I got on the plane. This is so exciting. The guy upstairs really knows how to care of things.