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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Big News!

Reid and I signed an offer on a house last night! Now we offered quite low so we're pretty sure that it won't be accepted as-is and will probably result in a counter-offer, but if it does then we'll be in negotiations and then eventually (if we can come to an agreement with the seller) under contract! It makes me quite nervous but very excited at the same time. We put a time limit of 48 hours on the offer and our realtor told us that he generally hears from seller's agents within a day (especially since our offer is rather "clean," without stipulations like selling a current house or asking for a lot from the seller). We've also set up a pretty tight closing schedule of March 31, which would mean that things wouldn't be "quiet" around here this coming month as we scrambled to get our financing, inspections, appraisals, etc. in order... but it is all do-able in that amount of time. So, we'll see! I'm sure I'll be updating all of you as we find stuff out over the next couple of days... but I just couldn't keep the excitement to myself anymore!


Merrilee said...

Congratulations and good luck!!!!!!!!!

Alaina said...

How exciting!!!!! That's awesome news!

Alice said...

Let us know what happens!!
Love you

Dad said...

Fingers crossed :-)

lynne said...

Congratulations, buying a house is such a big deal. Good luck with negotiations! I always liked that part, but still have nightmares about showing my house before it sold!

Donna said...


That will be in our near future too!

Jamie said...

This is so great! Can you put up the link to the MLS listing before they take it off?