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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

An Announcement!

Reid and I like to plan things out... we like to take our time and make sure we're making the right decisions... And in the span of the last three days we decided to make a life changing decision... and adopt a second dog.

The Humane League called us and let us know that they had a beagle/basset mix and wondered if we would like to meet him. I went down and met him Monday afternoon. This afternoon Reid and I took Tater down to meet him. They met one another with tail wags, shared a little puppy kibble with no growls and commenced to happily humping one another (and haven't stopped yet, despite both of them panting and tongues hung out).

He is young (probably around 2 years old?). He has a neutering appointment on February 9, though I'll be taking him to the vet tomorrow to get his rabies shot and a check up. He does appear to have a slightly inflamed/infected tear duct and so we can hopefully get that treated quickly and easily.

The big problem is he doesn't have a name. The shelter nicknamed him "Dallas" but I don't really think that fits him (and it doesn't really go with Tater). I called my mom and teased her that she needed to name him (as she named both our cat Clementine and Tater over the phone) but she said she needed pictures first. So... here are pictures. What do you think everyone? Any name suggestions?

(He's already figured out that flashy box! Closing your eyes is definitely preferable)


Alaina said...

Congrats! How wonderful and he's adorable! I'm not too good on the name front...maybe Georgie or Pedro or Fido.

Donna said...

He is CUTE!!!

My MIL just got a beagle puppy!

Debbie said...

I agree Dallas doesn't fit. Mom, why not: Taco, Denver or French Fry? Drama King?

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Thanks Sara

Sarah said...

I like Paco. Heeeyyyy Paco!