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Friday, January 30, 2009

Introducing... Winston

After trying out several names, Winston is what stuck. He looks much older than he is (the vet thinks he may be just over a year), has great jowls, and is English (by being both a beagle and a basset). So we thought Winston fit. I'm sure Churchill would be proud!

He is working out really well in our house. We are baby-gating him into our guest bathroom during the day. Yesterday he had chewed some of the wood frame of the baby gate (but thankfully not the door frame) but he hadn't had any accidents the whole day. This morning when we left we could hear him baying inside (thank goodness for not being in an apartment any longer! I commented to Reid on the drive into town just how fabulous our neighbors in Richmond were for putting up with the quiet training that we had to do with Tater).

His vet appointment went well. He seems to be a healthy, young dog. He does have a cherry eye, which is basically a tear duct that has slipped out from under his third eye lid. Apparently this is common in beagles and bassets. It is also easily surgically treated. As he'll be neutered in a couple of weeks we may have them take care of his eye at the same time.

He and Tater are having a good time "rastling" as our family calls it. But both of them are getting better and better about reading body language and knowing when it's time to lay down and be calm (usuaully when we are watching a movie or it's time for bed). I am sure that as they get more and more familiar with one another they are going to be good friends.


Jenny said...

Congratulations on Winston -- and I think it's a good name!
The boys saw the pictures, and Adam asked if he could pet Winston. ("WISSSS-ton," he said.)

Merrilee said...

He is so cute!!!! And I love the historical reference name!!! Perfect fit! He's regal yet very cheeky!

Jody said...

Two dogs is always better than one!
I'm so glad that he found a good home. Hi there Winston!

Alice said...

But what will Albie do with two of them??
He is kinda cute! LOL

moondaiseez said...

Monty feels that you should have included him in your decision, since HE is the second dog in your pack. But he does approve of the name. It goes nicely with "Monty" after all. And Monty has always been fond of a nice Beagle.