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Monday, January 5, 2009


We are back in Indiana visiting family and friends and it has been great so far. We got in late Saturday evening. I spent Sunday morning and afternoon with my parents and the Fout clan (and got to meet Jamie's one month old daughter girl who is adorable!).

Last night and today (and most of the rest of the week) will be spent with Reid's family as we saw so much of my parents the last few weeks. In fact right now Reid and his dad are out grocery shopping. And I'm typing on my laptop (have I mentioned that I love this thing?).

So, if you don't hear much from me this week, that's why. We're soaking in the family time. Then I start school a week from today, which will no doubt consume my time! A few days in, and 2009 is already busy!


Alaina said...

Welcome back to Indiana! Enjoy your visit with your family and friends!!!

Debbie said...

Enjoy your family and give every baby you see a kiss for me.
Tell mom and dad hi and ask him how many miles he put on the vehicle. You have the greatest figft of all--a wonderful family.

Jenny said...

WElcome back to the Land of Milk and Honey! I wish we could get all the Conner friends together and have a big "We Miss Jenna and Reid" party...

Mary Beth said...

Have a wonderful time visiting with your family and friends. Tater is adorable and your niece is precious. I will be praying for your dad and I hope he finds a great job soon. Have a wonderful New Year.