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Monday, January 19, 2009

A Full Week

A full week between posts... sorry folks. This past week was the first week of school which meant lots of prep during the days... and evenings of plunking down on the sofa and watching movies! I, frankly, don't remember much of what I did on Saturday except that I finally took down Christmas (though it's still all piled in the study to go upstairs and find it's final resting place). Yesterday I sat in on auditions for the first set of spring student one acts. The two directors asked me to come back to their call backs this afternoon. So I'll head back to school in an hour... of course what that means is that my three day weekend was actually only a one day weekend. Good thing I love my job, hunh?

Tater has been under the weather. Same thing as over the summer... refusing to eat, diarhhea, and throwing up water. So, he and I went to the vet's office this morning. And of course, he met everyone with a wagging tail, happy, happy, happy... So, the vet put him on the same meds as last time and we both agreed that we would like for this to not be an every six month thing. Hopefully the meds will help and he'll be back to his beagle-chowing self soon.

I've started a new project... wrist warmers!
The yarn is technically baby yarn... but I think it's a lovely bright, colorful mix!
These are in preparation for me to learn how to make socks. I though I'd do a project first that required little double point needles (or DPNs for those in the know) and on which I could work on ribbing, without having to dread the coming heel! I did buy some sock yarn while I was in Indianapolis. So those might be the next project (though I have to get a stitch holder before I can get started on them.
And finally, by far the most important thing that happened today (or in Reid's opinion the last several days)... Reid's pile of coal was delivered today! 3 tons of it, to be precise.
The coal getting dumped next to our garage!

Who knew coal could make someone so happy?

He got a really good deal on it and hired a dump truck to drop it off. He is now at the metal supply store buying stock... I have a feeling that when I get home from call backs he is going to be in the garage hammering away! I'm so excited for him! He'll spend the next several months getting his skill set back (and making projects for around our house... I've already told him four things I want!), then hopefully at the beginning of the summer we can register his business and get a website up and running! So... if there are iron projects you would like, it's never to early to preregister! (and don't worry Lucy... your project will be one of his first!).

Let's see here... goals of this post.
1. Apologize for lack of posting. Check.
2. Complain about being at school a lot. Check.
3. Get sympathy for my sick puppy. Check.
4. Share my mad knitting skills (seriously, don't go look at my sister's blog... she puts us all to shame!). Check.
5. Show you the boy who got coal for Christmas... and was happy about it. Check!


Stephanie said...

So, what kinds of things do "iron projects" include exactly - give us an example of the four things you asked him for. And, now you know what to fill Reid's stocking with next year :-)

School starts in a week . . . :-)

Alice said...

Thank you for the update!!
And you don't need to buy a stitch holder. All you need is a darning needle and some waste yarn. I don't use a metal stitch holder. too much wieght. Just run a yarn through the stitchs you need to take off. Easy as pie and now you don't have an excuse! LOL
Love ya.

Kim@ForeverWherever said...

Your post was cute!

I can't find your information in my email to mail out the Calgon Giveway to you. Can you send it again...kim@foreverwherever.com

Tater Mama said...

I'm so sorry that your Tater is sick! We have 4 labs and it just kills me when one isn't well.

Won't it be exciting when your husband's business is up and running? You can definitely add me to the email list. My husband and I love iron work! :) Good luck with it!