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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Yummy, Fast Dinner!

I am participating in my first Keeping Creative Kitches, a feature that a friend of mine does on her blog virtually every Thursday.

Reid and I have been pseudo-vegetarians for a couple of years now (meaning we eat mainly vegetarian at home and whatever we feel like when we're not). But in the last couple of weeks I've decided to take the plunge and go all out vegetarian. Reid has agreed (at least while at home... all bets are off when he's out). I'm doing it largely because of ethical reasons. Reid is doing it... well, mainly because he likes to humor me!

So this past weekend we sat down with our past Vegetarian Times magazines (we've gotten a subscription thanks to my mom for a couple of years now) and earmarked recipes that sounded good.

Last night I made the first of them: Greek Style Paninis. And let me tell you... they were easy and good! Since Alaina had said over on her blog that she is in a bit of a funk (and I'm sure she's not alone), I though this might be one you'd like to try.

Greek Style Paninis

1 box frozen spinach
1/2 cup (or so) of feta cheese
Roasted Red Peppers (the kind jarred with water)
Hummus (we had plain, but I'm sure you could experiment with other flavors)
Any sort of rolls (we used plain white French bread rolls... but I would think kaiser would work well too)

1. Thaw and squeeze dry the spinach (squeezing it might be something that little hands would like to do!)

2. Mix the spinach and the feta together

3. Spread the mixture on the bottom half of the rolls

4. Place roasted red peppers over the mixture.

5. Spread hummus on the other half of the roll.

6. Heat a skillet. Place the roll halves together and place the sandwiches in the skillet. I then took a big pot that would cover the rolls, put it on top of them and then put cans in the pot to weigh it down. If you have a countertop grill you could use that, but we don't have one.

7. After four minutes flip the sandwiches, put the pan back on them (with the cans inside) and grill for another four minutes (or so).

Isn't that a great, fast recipe?? And there are three really good things about it:

1. There are only five ingredients, which means it's nice on your grocery bill!

2.They are yummy!

3. There was enough left-over for more paninis tonight!


Alaina said...

Oh, that looks wonderful! And includes a few of my favorite things! We will definitely be trying this soon. You know I love vegetarian meals, too! Thanks for posting it and I'm so glad you joined in!

Alice said...

Daddy and I may have to pick up some supplies on the way through town!!

Sarah said...

OMG what are we going to EAT??? Sonic slushes are vegetarian, right? I can probably live on those.

Debbie said...


Merrilee said...

Yummy!!!! Those sound really, really good!!!!!