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Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Productive AND Lazy Sunday

I'm back. The conference went well. I think that we snagged at least a few recruits (one student even told us that she had been looking at Adams since she was in 8th grade!). We talked to many students, a couple of teachers and I lead a small but successful workshop.

I stayed at the Comfort Inn in downtown Denver on the 21st floor. Little did I know but the Denver Parade of Lights was this weekend and went directly down the street in front of my hotel. So, after having a very yummy (and rather expensive for me) dinner with Paul, he dropped me off at my hotel Friday evening. I ran upstairs, changed into comfy clothes and then headed back down to street level where I watched about an hour of the parade. I went upstairs before the end 'cause I was cold... but they had Santa Claus miked because I could hear him way up in my room (and I could see his float too... he was just a tiny little spot).

Today has been quiet, which is nice. I wrote our Christmas letter, addressed all of our Christmas cards (most of you will find them in your mailboxes later this week... except for those of you who I will see before Christmas and I'm hand delivering yours!) and paid bills (yuck!). I also sat for several hours on the sofa watching Reid play on his PS3... yes, we're that exciting of a couple! This evening I am thinking about wrapping a couple of presents and then settling in to watch a movie... a good way to spend a relaxing day, in an otherwise pretty hectic weekend. But only one more week of classes, then finals... and then I'm done until January! Hooray for teacher's schedules!

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