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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fall Break Painting of '08

The painting wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. We started with trim which is always the hardest (white on white is horrible, a direct quote from Reid). But the actual color went up very quickly. We did touch ups this morning and then put all of the furniture back together. And I must say, I like the colors even more in the natural light of day than I liked them last night in the artificial light.

So, here are pictures of our guest bathroom and study transformations! (please note that the after pictures were taken before touch-ups, hence there are still small things, including blue tape, that will not be there in the final project... or that will be painted over again).

This is the before of our guest bathroom, standing in it and looking towards the middle of the house.

This is looking into the guest bathroom. As Reid said, it was a room that looked like the make-over had started (with the tile floors and such) but never finished.

This is the after picture in the bathroom. We chose a nice slate blue/gray that complements the tile well I think.

And this is looking into the bathroom. It certainly looks more finished, if you ask me.

This is the door to the cloat closet under the stairs (or as we call it, Potter's bedroom) which is in our study (pre-paint... the color was a dusty tan color which was fine but poorly painted and kind of blah).

This is looking at the opposite corner in the room.

And here is the same corner, post green paint!

Our computer station in the study.

And the doorway, which is much nicer looking I think with the green and bright white trim.

And finally... this is what Tater thinks of painting! He tried to step in the paint at least four times yesterday. He is not a fan of change!


Alice said...

Grandpa and Tater have a lot in common. I LOVE the green room. Still would love to do the dinning room in that color. But the painter is on strike here.

Jamie said...

It looks great! The blue in the bathroom looks fantastic with the tiles, and I would agree, much more finished looking.

The green also looks very nice, inviting and clean. Like you said, alot less blah then the brown.

I will have pictures soon of the dining room with the new chandelier up.

JayD said...

Tater has it right!! Bleeeehhh on painting!

But what you have done sure looks nice. Sure wish I could see it in person though :-(

Alaina said...

Looks so great! And Tater is adorable as always!

Merrilee said...

You know, I have a couple of rooms to paint still. If you and Reid come to Illinois and paint my rooms, I'll buy you a pizza!!! How could anyone pass up that deal!!?!!

Seriously though, the rooms look great and I happy to see that Tater doesn't have any paint on his nose or whiskers, which is where our cats get it (from being nosey, possibly????)