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Saturday, October 11, 2008

A cold and blustery day

I know that I am spoiled by the weather of the San Luis Valley. We get lots of sunshine most of the year. But I do have to lodge a little bit of a complaint. The last three Saturdays we have woken up to gray skies, which have produced wind and rain. Monday through Friday it is beautiful. And then on Saturday, the day we have off work to go outside and enjoy ourselves/do yard work, it is cold and blicky....

But what that does mean is we have time to do things in the kitchen and inside the house! Reid and I braved the elements and went to the farmer's market this morning, coming home with a pumpkin to carve, a few onions to use for various meals and a bag of sixteen beets which I proceeded to cook, peel, cut up and pickle! It only made two quarts and three 8oz jars but they'll be a yummy addition to several meals this summer (once they've had a couple of weeks to sit and pickle).

I also baked a pumpkin bread with the first batch of the pumpkin puree we made a few weeks ago.

Our stash of applesauce, apple butter and pickles!

And I also hemmed four more curtain sheers for our house (one in the study and one on the front door so now the front of the house has the same look all the way across, and two for our bedroom windows). I still have a few more upstairs but they will have to wait for another day. Next weekend I hope to tackle painting our study and possibly our guest bathroom (which means I should have lots of photos to post, as soon as we get our study put back together!).

We're making vegetable barley soup for dinner (a nice warm meal for a cold fall evening). How about you? How was your Saturday?


Alaina said...

You are so productive! I'm loving all the canning & preserving your doing! Isn't it so rewarding to look at the finished products? I have things in the freezer but nothing canned yet.

Jamie said...

I am very impressed by your efforts in the kitchen and at the sewing machine. I am still trying to find a home for all of our stuff, we are getting there though, our dining room is almost a dining room!

Sarah said...

Um, have you never heard of the internet??? That (and video games and DVDs) are how normal people spend blustery Saturdays.
Seriously, when did my sister get replaced with Betty Crocker? ;)