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Sunday, October 5, 2008

And what is happening at the Neilsen's house?

This has been a good weekend. Reid and I went to the opening night of Rabbit Hole (the first ASC theatre production of the year) on Friday and it was quite a success. Yesterday we went to the Farmer's Market in the morning and then to a pig roast at another faculty member's house in the afternoon. The weather was not great yesterday (cloudy, windy and pretty chilly) but the company was great and we spent most of the time indoors. There were a significant number of babies and so of course I enjoyed myself!

This morning we got up, cut up apples (that we bought at the farmer's market) and are boiling them down to make apple butter! What can I say? I've got the canning bug... but don't worry Dad. Reid and I made an apple pie last weekend and we kept out enough apples to make another one this week too! We also bought cucumbers and I plan to make my grandmother's bread and butter pickles this afternoon.

And perhaps the biggest news of the weekend... Reid's forge is put together! Now he still has to do the stove piping/chimney for it which is the biggest part... but the pieces all came the end of this week and he put together on Friday. The anvil should be arriving sometime next week... of course he's playing it cool in these pictures but I guarantee you he's excited!

Reid posing next to his forge... he is thinking about raising it on cinder blocks to get it a little higher (and obviously this isn't it's final location... it will move further to the center and back towards the back wall some).

Reid says that this is the cleanest you will ever see his forge! This the front (though you actually forge out of the side of it I believe) complete with hood and fire-pot.

This is the back of the forge, with the blower and control knob.

And finally, a few pictures of the cranes which are back (they stop here in the Valley in the spring and fall on their migration path). They weren't too sure about me so I couldn't get too close, but they are truly magnificent to look at, both on the ground and in the air!


Alice said...

Yea I was wondering if the forge had got there yet. and Love the crane pics. Are they all the same species???

Merrilee said...

That beautiful, spotless forge is just calling out for some coal filth. Have fun forging, Reid!!

Those birds are fantastic! We have wild turkeys around here, not as spectacular as cranes!

Sarah said...

Hooray for forges!

JayD said...

Can you put the forge on wheels and pull it out into the driveway on nice days? (pre-chimmney - but maybe have a quick disconnect on the chimmney) :-)

Jamie said...

I am so excited that Reid finally has his forge!
The cranes are beautiful and it sounds like you all are enjoying a lovely fall in Colorado.