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Monday, April 7, 2008

We Are Moved!

Our stuff was all at the house by 4pm Saturday. We finished cleaning our little house at about 9pm Saturday. We unpacked most of the day yesterday (I love my closet!) and will be doing so for the next several nights/weeks.

School is going along. We're hoping that Tater does okay with these long days at home alone (he's used to someone coming home at lunch to "spring" him).

We don't know when we'll get interent at home... probably not for a little while. So, now that we're here and plugging away. You just might not hear a lot from us.


JayD said...

Ahhhh, but now you have all of this "free" time at work waiting for Reid :-)

Tater will deal. He's a good dog.

Jamie said...

Glad to know things are going well. As for Internet, you wanted land in the country, so being unplugged for a while will be a good thing!

Tater will definitely deal, especially since he now has a huge yard to run in, I think he will forgive you.

Merrilee said...

I'm glad that you are all moved in. Now for the fun of deciding what goes where!!!! And decorating!!!

I think Tater will be ok. The great thing about dogs is that they are always happy to see you whenever you come home. Cats, they could care less (as long as you feed them).