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Friday, April 4, 2008

One more thing...

Before I lose my home-internetting privileges for awhile (we're not sure what providers service where we live and haven't called to find out yet) I wanted to tune all of you into a blog that I have recently discovered that I think is great! The Blog is entitled "Give It Away." You can read all about it, but the jist is donating all (or a part) of your Economic Stimulus Refund to a charity of your choosing. It's money you didn't expect to get. You didn't budget to get it. And yet think how much good could be done if people donated just a small percentage of it... it would be better than an economic stimulus... It could be a charitable stimulus.

Reid and I have certain things we need to purchase for our home and we need to buy a new car, since our Saturn died and our Taurus in high on miles. But I have decided that we will be donating at least ten percent to charity. So I thought I would ask... what are your favorite charities? Who would you give to if you had a sudden windfall? You can either leave a comment on this post or post about it on your own blog and then let me know so I can come read about it!


moondaiseez said...

I am a fan of no-kill animal rescue groups like the one we got Monty from (Animal Connections).

Merrilee said...

Heifer International
Linas Project
Or any program that encourages young people to help/interact with the elderly.

Mrs. F said...

Our close family friends have a daughter with "cri-du-chat" It is [5p- ]and we try to donate to their fund raisers whenever possible.