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Friday, April 4, 2008

The Calm Before the Storm

Today is so peaceful. The sky is clear. The wind is almost non-existent. You can almost hear the birds chirping outside over the men drilling to fix the water or run electricity or something else outside (they're very industrious but quite noisy). There is no hint of what is to happen in the next fifty-six hours. But mayhem is about to happen... because we are moving.

I am picking Reid up from work early and we are then both going to pick up the Budget truck that we have rented for the move. It is a big one so we hope to get everything in one trip. We're planning to make one more run to the house tonight dropping off the last of the breakables, a first round of food and the folded clothes that are just in laundry baskets 'cause we're running out of boxes. Then tomorrow we'll wake early and begin the big load-in. We have a few friends who have volunteered to help us move. They'll hopefully get there in time for the big stuff. Then they'll drive to the house with us where the real work begins. I find it much more difficult to unload than to load.

And by tomorrow night we will be sleeping (soundly I'm sure!) in our new home. God willing anyway...

1 comment:

JayD said...

Unloading is much easier because there is only a finite amount of stuff and once it all comes off the truck your are done! Right? :-)

Besides during the loading you also have to finish the packing (somehow that packing never seems to be completed before the loading starts - one of the big differences between the pros and doing it yourself I think).