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Monday, April 28, 2008

Our weekend

At the beginning of last week, after spending a good deal of money and ALL weekend painting the laundry room/buying a washer and dryer) Reid and I agreed that we should "stay low-key" this past weekend, and try not to spend any money.

By Wednesday we had revised that plan, thinking we would just buy a few necessary items to steal some of the dirt that they had dug out of the drainage ditch in front of our house (okay, so it's not stealing... the dirt was on the road in front of our house, so I'm pretty sure no one minded our taking it). We wanted to fill in some holes near our front door and around the perimeter of the house that were sloping towards the house instead of away.

On Friday after work we stopped at a local hardware store, where the very nice people working inside allowed us to spend almost $200 on a wheel barrow, shovels, a rake and hoses to hook our new washer and dryer to the wall (since where we want to put it is farther away from the hook-ups than the four feet of hose that comes with the W/D). Of course, as soon as we got the stuff to the parking lot it became clear why everyone has been telling us we need a pickup truck. There was NO WAY that wheel barrow was fitting in a Taurus... Luckily the woman inside saw me standing and laughing hysterically and Reid huffing and puffing and came to our rescue with a pair of plyers. We then had to take the darn thing apart, fit it in and then put it together the next morning.

We woke up Saturday morning, and got to it... unfortunately the winds were not in our favor. Gusting horribly, they made the work infinitely more difficult (a runny nose and dust in your face is not a good combination). We (mainly Reid) got lots of dirt moved. We decided that if we wanted to put down grass seed we should rake up the yard, removing the chico-type plant spread and getting more ground surface area. We scratched, and scratched, and gathered barrow full after barrow full of chico... and had barely done a quarter of the yard. That's when I decided we should check into renting a tiller, to make the job go faster. And, for the second day in a row, it was brought to my attention that we need a truck for both of the rental places told me that we could not get a tiller in a Taurus. So... we're back to scratching. However, we talked to our neighbor (who came by later to start removing the dirt from the road in front of our house... thanks neighbor!) and he suggested that we wait another two weeks to plant grass seed until the winds have ceased.

Sunday morning we woke up and Reid's back hurt and my shoulders were sore. Country folk, we are not yet. I went and did laundry (hopefully my last trip to the laundro-mat for a long, long time), washed the car and went to the grocery store. Reid gave Tater a bath, did a little more yardwork and picked up the house. We also applied paint stripper to the poorly painted windows of the living room and they look so much better now. In the evening we had a couple over for dinner and enjoyed ourselves, in our house.

And that was our weekend.


Jamie said...

Well, it sounded a bit exhausting just listening to all the work you did. I understand about the pick-up, we don't live in the country but every time Alex and I talk about giving up his truck, we realize how nice it is to have that bed! And to top it all off you were entertaining as well. Busy, busy!

Donna said...

I would say so too!
Yikes, I am not looking forward to all this work when we buy.

It will all pay off=)

Alaina said...

The joys of home ownership - totally worth it though. We built a new house and we've still put a lot of work in to it! There are always projects and we borrow a truck from my parents or sister and BIL fairly often. :)

D-Ann said...

If I lived close by, I would bring a van full of(monsters)helpful kids! All you would have to do is supply pizza and a garden hose.