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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Our computer is up and running!!

The cable guy came today and hooked up our computer, tv and telephone! And you know what that means... picture update!

Here are Reid and I halfway across the country (literally) in Kinsley, KS.

Unfortunately, shortly after stopping in Kinsley we found ourselves on this road... we had taken a wrong turn and had to go several miles on a dirt road in Kansas before finding our way back to US Route 50.

Pictures of windmills in Kansas... they are really quite amazing! I can understand why Quixote thought they were giants who needed to be battled!

When we got here Isabel was perfectly happy with the placement of the sofa in front of the back door (so that she could lie on it and look out!).

She and her sister Clementine both enjoyed this bottom cabinet as a fun hiding place. Unfortunately for them mean mom and dad have now filled it with pots and pans....

Tater and Mom cuddling after a long drive... In fact this is the morning after we dropped my dad at the airport (thanks for driving with us Dad!) and before all of our stuff arrived.

And speaking of stuff... Reid and I unloaded about half of our stuff by ourselves. Then four young men from the theatre department came to help us unload the rest... they unloaded all of it in 45 minutes! And there was an enormous pile in the living room! Tater wasn't sure what to do.

This is the Rio Grande, which creates the Northern and Eastern borders of Alamosa... it's right across a park from us. You can see the Sangre de Cristo mountain range in the back.

This is another shot on our walk (there are great foot paths that all leave out of the park right next to us... how convenient!).

That's all the pictures for now. I'll try and take some shots of the inside of our house (and the outside too) and post them soon. It's a cute little house and will suit our needs for awhile at least.
Tomorrow I have new faculty orientation and then Friday all faculty meetings... so I may be busy the next few days (school starts on Monday... yikes!).
So... I hope these pictures tied you over for a little while!


Jamie said...

Your view is amazing! Can't wait to see more pics of the inside of the house. Looks like things are getting settled. I will have some news pics up hopefully tonight!

Dad said...

Does your living room look better yet? (I bet it does).

I am sure that Tater is grooving on the walks/explores. Have you "fixed" the back yard yet so that he can "roam"?